Monday, March 28, 2011

Tattoo #3

This tattoo was the least painful, least expensive tattoo I have ever received. Sure... it's two lines, but after getting my other tattoos I figured all tattoos killed right after getting them. The tattoo on my back prevented me from sitting back on a chair, and the tattoo on my foot made walking extremely uncomfortable. So I figured this tattoo would hurt pretty bad. WRONG. I had fallen down the stairs earlier in the day and caught myself with my left hand(yes, I know... I'm a clutz), and the bruise on my hand hurt worse than the tattoo! In fact, the most painful part was actually getting it, and that only lasted a minute... literally.

But let's tell the story of this tattoo.

I had been thinking for a while about getting an Ichthus symbol(christian fish) somewhere that I would see often. I felt like I needed a reminder about what I believe in, and a representation of who I am. I really respect that symbol, and it has significant meaning in my faith. I had thought about size and placement a lot, but didn't know exactly what I wanted. I had drawn little doodles of what I wanted on different spots on my wrist, and figured something small and simple would be best. I actually drew the tattoo that I ended up getting earlier in the day, then walked into the tattoo shop in South Padre, pointed to my wrist and said "I want this".

I'm really glad I got it, even if it was spur of the moment.

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