Saturday, December 15, 2012

long overdue.

there is so much i could talk about right now, but none of it is something i should really post on the internet right now.

you all know the things i have been excited for and frustrated about over the last few months, and part of the reason i haven't been posting is because nothing was changing. heck, i was annoying myself, i'm sure y'all just stopped reading.

things are starting to change now tho. i'm still not sure what direction my life will take in the next few months, but i plan to keep you updated on it. as of right now, the most exciting things going on are christmas shopping, friends coming into town, and apartment shopping. almost all of my christmas shopping happened on etsy(btw, i opened an etsy shop of my own! ). my friends officially start arriving this week(like tomorrow). and after a few disappointments with some not-so-professional leasing agents near drake, i found one that i think i love nearer to home.

i don't promise that i won't suck at blogging anymore, but i do promise that i'll try!

oh, and by the way. carter is huge, and i'll try to post more about little developments with him. he's such a sweetie these days!