Monday, January 21, 2013

lots of changes

oh. em. gee.

these past few weeks have been crazy. i'm in my own apartment. i chopped my hair off. i started alpha at lutheran church of hope.

it's all so good and i am thrilled to finally be taking some steps in the right direction!

here's some pics of my place from when i first moved in, and my new hair!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013



something is happening!

so much change in my life this week i can't even stand it.

1. my grandma is helping me get my own place. we went to have a second look at an apartment that caught my eye before christmas, and ended up signing a lease!! i will (hopefully) be moving in this week as long as everything is in order with the application and everything. i am so excited it's stupid!

2. i have an appointment with rick mosley this week and i am planning on chopping off my hair! most of my girl crushes have either buzzed their hair or chopped it into a pixie in the last few months. although i don't plan on going as extreme as some of them, i have decided that i really need some change. i've never done anything really crazy with my hair pretty much ever, especially because i needed to be able to put it into a ponytail for the majority of my life. but i'm feeling confident and ready for this change. i'll attach the picture that's been my motivation!

so excited for this week! aaaaahhhh!!!