Wednesday, February 22, 2012


All that has been on my mind lately is getting a house. It probably doesn't help that I have Iowa Realty bookmarked, that I follow multiple blogs that are renovating their houses or that I have an entire pin board on Pinterest filled with super cool houses and decoration ideas.

I even make sure that family members set stuff aside for me. I currently have a couch a couple lamps and a few other things just waiting to move into my future house.

The only thing holding me back is money right now. And I can't even think of having a steady pay check until I finish school... And who knows where that house will be!? Maybe I'll move to the cities, or KC or even NYC! Until then tho... I'll just keep looking and pinning and dreaming.

At least I'll know what I want in my future house though, right?

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

thoughts on birthdays.

Today is one of my best friends birthday and I started to think about where my birthday falls in accordance to my friends.

My birthday falls in April, so I've always been pretty young for my grade. At home I'm second to youngest in my close group of friends. So it kinda sucked growing up knowing I'd always be the last one to get to do things(drivers license, voting, drinking).

Then I went to college and made some really close girlfriends and I happen to be the oldest one! Kinda funny if you ask me... Like I'm pretty sure there are kids that are two grades below some of my friends that are older than them. They're just babies!

But back to my BFF whose birthday it is!!

Elizabeth Anne. I love you so much! I hope you've had an amazing and crazy night partying it up on your 21st and I hope you got your valentines day present that I sent you! Can't wait to see you soon!!

Lizzie-far right in white!!

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Friday, February 17, 2012


Just a warning.
This post was written before Christmas... So the tense is a little off... But it's still a post worth posting. So here ya go :)

The other day my sister, Courtney, was having a rough day with my 3-year-old niece, Haven. She called me and my mom and asked us if we could take her for a few hours so she could get a little break. I had been thinking that I wanted to take Haven to Build-A-Bear Workshop for a Christmas present, so I asked Court if I could take her. She said ok and Haven was super excited to go!

Luckily we got to the mall around 10:30 so the Christmas-time rush wasn't in full swing yet so we got a pretty good parking spot*, and build-a-bear wasn't a mad house!

Haven originally had her mind set on a dinosaur build-a-bear... But the closest thing they had was a Camo bear. I knew she probably wouldn't be happy with a Camo bear in a couple years so I pointed out the rainbow bear that she ended up getting. I let her choose everything about her bear. I figured if this is going to be a good Christmas gift I need to let her do anything she wants!

Haven with the bear of her dreams! Pink eyes and rainbow hearts-what more could a girl ask for?

When I asked what her name was she mumbled something under her breath that sounded like 'Helen'... So that ended up being her name!

Pushing the pedal to stuff Helen!

Kissing Helen's heart before they sewed it in

Lookin cute!

Giving Helen a bath

The finished product! She chose the entire outfit and if you squeeze Helen's foot she makes a noise called 'Magic Sound'.

Haven would probably have been pretty happy with just the bear, but I spoiled her silly! After building Helen we went and got pizza and ice cream(with gummy bears ;) ), and then went and played in the play place for awhile.

I think over all it was a pretty good Christmas present. At the end of the day Haven didn't want to leave! And I've heard reports that she demands that Helen sleep with her at night and during nap time! :)

*Thank God I got a good spot, because after we made Helen I realized I had forgotten my wallet in the car. I told Haven Helen needed a quick haircut and we ran out to my car to grab it.

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Friday, February 10, 2012


So I don't mean to rant again on here... but I am more than a little bit annoyed that two blogs(that I was very proud of) that I wrote on my phone, WILL. NOT. POST.

The blogger app was one that I had to pay for(which I wasn't exactly thrilled about), but I planned on using it often, and I have. But I am so pissed that multiple times I have taken the time to put blogs together, pictures and all, and the blogs just haven't posted. They're sitting in a draft folder waiting to be put up, but when I try it says that my network isn't prepared to post them or something stupid.

Anyways, be prepared for a couple new blog posts soon peeps. One is gonna be waaaaaay old(Christmas), but it's a good one, so I think you'll enjoy it.