Saturday, December 15, 2012

long overdue.

there is so much i could talk about right now, but none of it is something i should really post on the internet right now.

you all know the things i have been excited for and frustrated about over the last few months, and part of the reason i haven't been posting is because nothing was changing. heck, i was annoying myself, i'm sure y'all just stopped reading.

things are starting to change now tho. i'm still not sure what direction my life will take in the next few months, but i plan to keep you updated on it. as of right now, the most exciting things going on are christmas shopping, friends coming into town, and apartment shopping. almost all of my christmas shopping happened on etsy(btw, i opened an etsy shop of my own! ). my friends officially start arriving this week(like tomorrow). and after a few disappointments with some not-so-professional leasing agents near drake, i found one that i think i love nearer to home.

i don't promise that i won't suck at blogging anymore, but i do promise that i'll try!

oh, and by the way. carter is huge, and i'll try to post more about little developments with him. he's such a sweetie these days!

Friday, November 9, 2012

sorry for sucking.


sorry I suck at blogging.

life lately?? honestly... nothing new. i got new face wash... sooooo that's exciting, right?

oh! and this happened!! remember me telling you i was planning on getting it on my last photo dump? well, i got it sunday and it looks great! love it! now for my sleeve ;)

also, carty is still cute and is 16 months old now. you'd think he'd figure out how to kiss with his lips CLOSED by now!!

- Chelsea :)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

photo dump: my life lately.

what i've been up to lately:

i did haven's make up

chloe and i facetimed from our bedrooms

this is happening soon

babies took a bath together! tehehe

i made scarlett a headband

and myself a hat! carter got a package full of hats and mittens from his aunt :)

my fiancé is hot and is making me miss him by posting pictures of himself looking like THIS

chloe got senior pics!

carty and i watched rachenda do her silly workout

we've been having lots of fun! sorry i've been absent around here. not much to blog about at the moment other than the fact that i miss jack(as usual) and that i want him to be done with school. i promise i'll try to blog more once i'm not so boring and so busy!

Friday, September 21, 2012

jack graduates. pt. 2

after we went to jack's graduation we hit the road again and headed up to my cabin in south dakota to celebrate some more. we met up with a bunch of jack's family and it was so fun! jack, carter and i didn't do much sight-seeing because we didn't think mr. man would really enjoy the scenic views. so we opted for family time instead while the rest of the family went to places like crazy horse and mount rushmore. however, we did go fishing and spend some time at a couple of the beautiful lakes near our cabin!

here's some of the stuff that happened:


jack's "graduation" cake. yes, those are dolphins. 
the alternative was unicorns and heavy pink frosting.

we attempted engagement photos.

carter face-planted in the lake. 

mini-heath ledger(literally identical) gave carter a little too much love.

and we got old-time photos!

looking back on this trip makes me realize how much i am really looking forward to becoming a part of jack's family. everything we did was so great, even if it was just sitting around enjoying each other's company. it's all that i needed to enjoy myself. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

so school is back in session, and let me tell ya... it's totally different than last semester. i started off the year with my mom super sick right before she planned on leaving the country. only for her to be admitted to a hospital once she got there. then my grandma was moving right when i needed a babysitter.

long story short things did not go as planned! carter ended up starting day care last week(which we have been looking into) mainly because my grandma had too much on her plate as it was and didn't think she could move and watch a toddler. thankfully it has gone really well so far! the day care is in the church i grew up in, and there are a bunch of kids his age for him to play with! plus they feed him way better than i do(they promote a well balanced diet which i have a hard time doing since i'm so picky). also, i think it will be good for both of us because he is a total momma's boy and my heart can't help but melt when he cries 'momma!'. so we are both becoming a little more independent.

anyway.. school! as glad as i am to have a little change of pace, it is hard having all new teachers. some of them are very 'let the learners teach themselves', which is great, but not when i'm trying to understand math. i need structure when it comes to math cause i don't understand math textbooks-it's like reading a foreign language to me. luckily the rest of my classes are very interesting and i think i can pull off a 4.0 again(knock on wood).

chow's is going as expected. I have all new students minus a couple returning cheerleaders, and they are all doing great!! it's gonna stay busy around there for awhile thanks to gabby coming home with the gold, but that's just fine with me! the more the merrier!! plus my niece is one of the many new students starting this fall. i bought her a leotard for her birthday-seemed fitting ;).

overall everything has been going pretty ok around here. i'm still bummed i have to wait until december for jack to be here, but i think we'll be fine in the meantime(which reminds me, wedding plans are well underway and we have a date set-exciting!!!). also, i have lots more pictures from our trip to south dakota, so keep an eye out for some of those posts!

until then!

Monday, August 27, 2012

jack graduated.

so jack graduated last week. we drove to laramie and watched him walk across the stage as we cheered his name. 

i'm so proud of him, and i can't wait for him to officially be done with school*. he has been working so hard, and it has been so hard without him here. but it was so nice to be able to see him for a solid week before both of us head off to school. more posts to come-these are specifically from graduation!

carter and aunt maggie

do you see him!?

our little family :)

couldn't help myself!

*he tacked on four more months of schooling which apparently will add $5/hour to his pay check. not happy about it.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

not knowing what the future holds is a pretty scary thing. here are the thing i know.

-carter will grow up just as quickly as he has been
-jack and i will get married
-i will finish school
-i will move out

it's the where and when that i don't know about all of those. minus the marrying part(we have a date set, but depending on the venue, that might change too). jack still doesn't have a job lined up so i still don't know where we will be living when he is done with school.

i know this will all get figured out, and soon. but it is a very unsettling feeling like you know nothing about what your future holds.

- Chelsea :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

10 things.

10 things that make me terribly happy

1. baby bed head.
2. packages in the mail.
3. coffee with cream and sugar.
4. seeing carter walk around like it's no big deal.
5. remotes.
6. raspberries.
7. detangling shampoo.
8. jack's smell(except when another guy smells like him, then I'm just sad!!)
9. competing.
10. cameras.

*the rockstar diaries ( is one of my favorite blogs. she does 10 things that make her terribly happy posts every once in awhile and they seem like fun!!

- Chelsea :)

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my new business

for those of you that don't follow my life on facebook, you probably haven't heard that my sister and i just got started in a direct sales business called premier designs.

the company(which is christian based) sells jewelry that is reasonably priced, and sends a big chunk of their profits to missionaries all over the world. plus they have a great plan for jewelers and a reeeeeally good one for its hostesses.

my sister has been shamelessly advertising her business on her blog and through facebook, and i have been holding off because i, quite frankly, am not as comfortable doing so.

my sister is a natural born saleswoman, and while i can put on a great act, i'm just not about putting myself out there like that. but i do want to tell you all a little about my business and why you should think about hosting a party!

first of all, our hostess plan can't be beat by any other jewelry company out there right now. hostesses make 30% of their shows total retail in free jewelry, plus premier gives them the opportunity to get $100 more in free jewelry in hostess benefits and they can get a bunch of stuff at half price.

all those things along with our special* for next month means lots of free and half priced jewelry for our hostesses and lots of fun for your friends at your party!

i know this seems kind of silly, but home shows are a lot of fun and i'm really excited to get started. if you're interested in hostessing feel free to leave a comment here or send me a message on facebook!! also, i'm more than willing to run you a catalog so you can see what we have to offer!

*if your show is booked between july 14 and august 30, you can get 50% of your shows retail in free jewelry depending on the sales!!

- Chelsea :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

pet peeves.

My biggest pet peeves:

1. Walking on wet carpet with bare feet.
2. Being late.
3. Wet dog noses on my legs/butt.
4. Pet hair everywhere.

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

50 things.

carter is napping. so what better way to pass the time than getting on blogger and telling you a little bit more about me and jack??

50 things about us.
1. jack is originally from oregon.
2. we both attended luther college but neither of us stayed there for more than 2 years.
3. i drink coffee.
4. he doesn't.
5. i'm a really good speller(you wouldn't think so though. thanks auto-correct).
6. he isn't.
7. we are both hands-on/tactile learners.
8. he played contact sports(football, wrestling).
9. i played sports that didn't involve balls(cheerleading, track).
10. we are both handy, but without fail he will always give me a hard time for whatever i build.
11. he claims to be a country boy.
12. i claim to be a city girl.
13. both of those statements aren't very true.
14. i'm studying to be an elementary teacher.
15. he's studying to be a diesel mechanic.
16. he lives in the most boring state ever.
17. we make a very cute baby(if i say so myself *wink*)
18. he likes to bug me.
19. i hate it, but i put up with it cause i love him.
20. he says we're gonna have 10 more boys.
21. i'm thinkin that's a no.
22. he also thinks we're going to live in a mansion in the country.
23. we both think each other are awful drivers.
24. he is going to change every diaper of carter's after he moves here(if i have my way).
25. we started dating on valentine's day 2010.
26. he asked me to be his girlfriend with sweetheart candies.
27. he has perfect skin that i'm way jealous of.
28. he has brick hands and feet that were passed down to carter.
29. he likes to play video games.
30. he is not very forgiving when he tries to teach me how to play them.
31. we are both extremely ticklish.
32. he likes to give me hickeys(see #18).
33. i currently have two hickeys on my right shoulder from when he was in town.
34. carter likes to play with jack's nipples.
35. i think it's hilarious.
36. he wants me to move there.
37. i want him to move here.
38. we are both being stubborn about it, so neither of us will probably end up moving(until he's done with school).
38. he says i can't cook, but he never lets me try.
39. he is, admittedly, a surprisingly good cook. although we both still have a lot to learn in the kitchen.
40. he gives me crap for not making carter sleep in his crib at night.
41. only because he wants to cuddle with me.
42. he won't admit it.
43. he wants a crotch-rocket
44. i don't think i'll ever ride on it with him if he gets one.
45. i endorse harley's.
46. we get to see each other in 6-ish weeks.
47. i could not be more excited.
48. he gave me a beautiful ring back in april.
49. i'm really excited to marry him.
50. i think he's excited to marry me too ;). 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Happy Independence Day!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

1st birthday.

CARTER IS 1!!!!!!!

How is it that a year can go by so quickly?

I know I've said it before. But I cannot believe how much life has changed in the past year. And Carter's growth is such a great way to mark those changes. I love him so much, and I can't believe how much he has changed my life for the better, even when I thought my life was already so great.