Sunday, June 26, 2011

weeks and jack.

39 weeks and 2 days.

Ya know what that means? Less than a week until Ping-Pong is due to arrive! I am getting so anxious for this kid to finally pop his head out and say hello(or at least scream a little bit). We had a lovely surprise this week because we found out that Jack(Ping-Pong's dad) is coming in town for the week around my due date! We are hoping that Ping-Pong gets here while he's in town so that he can be there for the birth. We're even talking to the doctor to see if we can induce if I don't go into labor before the due date. If not, and Ping-Pong shows up after Jack leaves, at least him and I will be able to talk some serious baby stuff(not that we haven't), and he'll be able to see this tummy!

So here's hoping that Ping-Pong comes soon (but preferably sometime between Wednesday and Friday!)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

baby baby!

Gotta love those moments where you think back and can't help but smile.

That happened to me today right after my doctor's appointment.

Here's why...

I am now 38 weeks and 4 days pregnant. That means 1 week and 3 days until Ping-Pong is due to arrive, and lets just say I'm becoming a little impatient. What used to be kicks in the ribs have become kicks in the groin, and let me just say, it isn't any more comfortable. That change in location of kicks, however, does mean that baby has dropped! WOO! Exciting! I guess I wasn't realizing it as much as I thought I was though because the doctor was pretty surprised at just how much Ping-Pong had moved. She checked my cervix and told me that Ping-Pong was super low and that the cervix was ultra-thin. Also she said I'm probably 1 and 1/2 centimeters dilated. After saying all that she told me that we could be expecting Ping-Pong any day! Needless to say I was really excited! Anyways, after my appointment I was standing in line getting ready to schedule my 39 week appointment and realized that I might have Ping-Pong before then!

Oh, and here's another way of looking at all the information above. When my sister went in to get induced with Parker her cervix was hard and they could barely touch Parker. Not only is my cervix soft but my doctor said it was almost as if Ping-Pong was LOWER than the cervix(which isn't possible until I'm actually in labor). Courtney was 9 days overdue, and I have 10 days until my due date! I probably shouldn't get my hopes up, but I am so excited! He's almost here!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

labor... or not.

So don't get too excited. But I am extremely tired today!

Why would this be exciting you ask?

Well, apparently, right before labor, you're body decides that it needs a break and you're just tired! I told both my sister, and my mom about how tired I was and both mentioned labor. My mom is heading up to Mayo today to have some scans done regarding her stupid(hopefully non-existent) cancer, so when I told her that Ping-Pong wasn't as active as normal she said that I had to start counting kicks pronto. So far I've had about 4 in the last 15 minutes(you're supposed to have like... 12 in an hour??), but they've been soft little movements, not the huge movements I've been getting used to where it looks like he's trying to push his way through my skin(sorry... too vivid an image? I creeped myself out just imagining that). But basically she wants to make sure that she isn't 4 hour away when I go into labor!

So here's hoping. I'll keep you updated.

Oh, and in case you were wondering. He's kicked once since the start of this blog. :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have been going crazy with baby preparation lately!

Like I said in my last post, my sister and our family friend threw me a baby shower this last weekend. Since then I have been waist deep in baby stuff... not to mention waist deep in the useless crap that has been accumulating in my room for the past four-ish years. I found boxes from when we moved to my house my junior year of high school, and I have a couple tubs full of stuff that I had in my dorm rooms. So for the past 2 weeks I have been cleaning, sorting, building, and all around getting ready for Ping-Pong's arrival.

In other news, I have had some fun stuff happening lately! Other than having a great time at my shower(which I could gush about for hours! SO GREAT!) I got a feather in my hair, and I went to the chiropractor for the first time today! May not seem exciting to ya'll, but it was really nice to go and take a break from the monotony of getting ready for Ping-Pong. My sister gave me the inspiration to go and get the feather, and I'm loving it! As for the chiropractor, my sister insisted that I go. She's been telling me all about how being aligned can make labor easier in the long run(which definitely got my attention), and just to prove it, she went from a 10 hour labor with Haven to a 4 hour labor with Parker. Then she got me a deal, so I just had to go. Ends up my back is pretty much perfectly aligned except for the very top, and the very bottom. So he popped my back, and cracked my neck, and I was on my way! Pretty easy, and it makes me excited to see how it'll help in the long run!

Blah! So now that I've taken a nice long break from cleaning, I better get back to work! Sorry if it's a little quiet around here for awhile, but I promise I'll try to update soon!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is it just me, or is it really weird that tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant?
I'm excited, don't get me wrong, it's just weird when you think about the facts. 1 week until full term, 4 weeks until the due date! I feel like I have NO TIME.

So here's what I have to do before Ping-pong gets here!

My beautiful sister, Courtney, and our lovely family friend, Ashlee, are throwing me a baby shower this weekend! Lots of family and close friends are coming and I'm really excited to see what I get (even though I'm hoping more for the things I registered for). So far all I have for Ping-pong is a couple of onesies, diapers, wipes, a diaper bag, and a pair of newborn shoes. I could use some more stuff, to say the least.

Also, I have to get my room in shape, because me and Ping-pong will be sharing it! Right when I got home from school I started going through all of my crap and figuring out what I want to keep and what is trash. So far I've gone through most of my clothes and most of the random crap I've accumulated over the years and have everything I don't want anymore ready for the garbage or Goodwill. I really just need to find a place for the stuff I don't want to throw out, but that I don't necessarily need in my room at the moment(plastic drawers I used for storage in college, high school artwork, school books), and to consolidate my book collection!

On another note, while cleaning my room I found a TON of shirts from high school and other stuff that i just don't use anymore. So I'm trying to figure out which ones I want in a t-shirt blanket. At this point I might have to get 3 separate ones because I have SO. MANY. T-SHIRTS. that they could be sorted into different categories. I don't know how many shirts you need for one quilt... but for cheerleading alone I'd say I have over 20 shirts... HA! I'll let you know what ends up happening! :D

Anyways, I suddenly have tons of inspiration for things to talk about in future posts! And let's be honest... I really need to start updating more often! See you soon!