Friday, August 20, 2010

books and school.

I love those books that you just get lost in and become a part of.

I just recently started (and finished) the book "Uglies" by: Scott Westerfeld, and almost immediately I was sucked in. It is set in the future where everyone under the age of 16 is "ugly". So all the youth of this city has to do is look forward to becoming a "pretty" on their 16th birthday. There's a whole story line about this girl who is so excited to be a pretty and meets another girl who isn't so thrilled about the whole idea. Long story short, her priorities get all messed up and she realizes what is really important in life.

In the middle of reading it the other night I suddenly thought about Luther and how I will be moved in, in less than a week, and I felt just like the character in the book. She is so excited to finally move into "New Pretty Town" and be back with her friends(who have already turned 16 and become pretty's). Although I'm not really second guessing my going back to Luther, I was so overjoyed about going and got butterflies in my stomach just thinking about going back.

Another year at Luther is what I've been looking forward to since me and Jennie signed up to be roommates back in May, and now it's only 5 days away! I feel like reading that book really got me into the mood to finally get things going since my move is right around the corner! And I am officially SOOOOOOO excited to move in!

Jennie Marie and Me... Livin it up in Dirty D 218!! =D
OH! And not to mention the riot these girls and I will be making on 2nd floor!! =D

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I've had lots of time alone lately to just think.
About everything. Relationships, school, the future, the past.
And I got to thinking about one thing in particular.

Why relationships end.

I can look at myself a year ago, and see myself cherishing relationships that, today, I could honestly care less about. Well, actually, maybe that's not true, otherwise I probably wouldn't have been thinking about it so deeply, and taken the time to write about it. I look back and look at the deep bonds I had with some great people. And I don't know if it's because I changed, or because they changed, or because there was distance that we weren't used to; but something happened to make our relationship almost non-existent. I'm not talking about one person in particular, there have been many instances that this has happened, maybe for the better, who knows.

But it really sucks to think that you can invest so much time into a relationship, only to have it not matter a year later. Is that how relationships are supposed to work? I don't think so. And I really wish I could go back in time and make everything different so that my relationships with those people wouldn't have changed. Maybe I need to try to rekindle them? Or is it even my fault that those relationships ended? Who knows.

I guess we'll see what happens. Only time will tell!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

de ja vu.

remember when i talked about how bad my room in college was back in this post? and then again in THIS post? Well... all the crap that aided in making that place a pig's sty, are now sitting in my living room..
you can imagine how thrilled my Mom is about that... so goal for the day:

Start Organizing!

wish me luck! :)