Saturday, March 26, 2011

spring break.

Back from Spring Break!
Did you notice it took me a few days to get ya'll updated on my last day of the 30 days of Chelsea? Blame Texas. Did I really say ya'll in the last sentence? Sheesh!

I have been in South Padre Island, TX for about a week! I went with 5 of my closest friends from school, and although it might have been a little too much estrogen, it was a great time. We went to the beach pretty much everyday, went out every night, met up with some fellow students who stayed there as well, lots of fun. We're already talking about what we're going to do next year! It was so fun, I want to do it every year for the rest of my life. Totally worth the money, and the drive to get there.

We also got to stay in Waco, TX with some of my friends that go to Baylor. I missed them a lot so it was extremely nice to see them and introduce them to some of my friends that they hadn't met.

This week was definitely much needed! So excited to get some pictures up here so you can see some of the crazy stuff we did!

Oh, did I mention I got a tattoo? Yeah... last minute decision. But I'm glad I did it. Once I'm back in Decorah I'll get pictures uploaded so you can see what we did!

Hope you've all had a relaxing week! Goodnight! :)

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