Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving and family.

Sorry I've been a bit scarce lately. Jack came in town to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family, so I was more focused on him and the celebrations than blogging. My apologies! To make it up to you I do have some pics from our time with Jack :)

Carter snoozin on thanksgiving day

Father-son picture(typical jack)

Watching some football

Food coma on my leg!

I escaped and he got a little more comfortable...

The little family!

Oh! And I got myself some Ray Ban's!! You like?

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

4 months and growing up.

Carter is four months old! I used to be so much more on top of making sure you all knew how old he is... Because its really exciting for me. But I have been trying (unsuccessfully) to not always be glued to my phone and my computer. Which has meant less blogging lately.

But here are some adorable pictures of my little bundle of 4-month-old joy for you to love :)

In other news. I have been obsessed with two things lately. Those are:



House Hunting

First off. Pinterest(if you haven't heard already) is one of the coolest and most popular websites on the Internet. It's basically a pin board for different things that catch your interest. I have a board with things that are 'My Style' that are fashion trends, hair styles and jewelry that are(or that I wish were) my style. I have another board titled 'Yum' that is for delicious things... This includes food, and yummy men ;). Possibly my favorite board though, is called 'Someday'. It has things that I look forward to having/doing someday. This includes wedding ideas, and house ideas. I'm so excited for both of those steps in my life because I can make them however I want. Which brings my to my other obsession.

House Hunting

I am on Iowa realty's website sometimes multiple times a day looking at houses that(I assume) are probably in my price range and I always get so excited when I find something that I like in a cute neighborhood where carter would be able to run around(once he learns to walk that is...) and that gives both of us room to grow and learn together. I know it's a little unrealistic right now to think about home ownership since I don't even have a degree or a job that gives me enough money for a house payment *sigh*... But a girl can dream right?

And at least I'm getting ideas in my head for what I want in a house someday, so that when it comes the time to actually buy a house... I will know what me, and my family need.

Here's hoping.

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