Monday, March 7, 2011

rambling and day 21.

First off.
I feel like rambling.
So here we go...

Track today was killer. I pushed myself harder than normal, which made me overheat, which made me not finish the workout. Although I did get some quality skills training in which felt really good. And the running I did get in felt amazing!

My phone is dead. I dropped it in the toilet... and I feel like crying. I am SUCH a bad phone owner! First I drop one on the concrete, and then I drop one into a toilet. fml.

Swiss rolls are delishimo. Chocolate-y whipped creamy deliciousness. Also, I love Italian Wedding Soup... and CapriSun. Dinner may or may not have consisted of all those things.

I got to play charades in my public address class today. On days that we aren't speaking I feel like my teacher just has no idea what to do with us... so we play games. Very interesting. And very funny. "Moby Dick" was an fun one... ha.

I really want these wedges. First off, their Toms... which I LOVE. Second, their awesome. Isn't the design sweet? They're so unique! I want them!

I am starting to love Jersey Shore. I think it's partially the fact that they are so typical, and partly that they are so real. The little things make me laugh the hardest, probably because it reminds me of me and my friends. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that Pauly D is suuuuuper sexy. Tattoos, tan skin, funny, music lover... I think so.

Day 21 - A picture of something you wish you could forget.

Pledge Month

Without a doubt one of the most mentally and emotionally trying months of my life. I love what I ended up getting out of it (a closer relationship with my friends, and an entirely new group of friends that I wouldn't have had otherwise), but it was just so difficult. My friends and I were snapping at each other pretty consistently the entire time. Plus we were in the midst of classes with tests and homework, and would have to do tons of stuff on top of that for pledging. I am so glad that it's over.