Thursday, March 10, 2011


What's up with Blogger right now? I went to center all of my text and noticed that half of my options are gone... Anyone else have this problem? Weird... anyways!

So I know I've told you guys this already... but in case you don't remember(doubt it), I dropped my phone in a toilet this weekend. I was trying to figure out the "green" toilets in one of the buildings on campus trying to figure out which way to pull the handle and right as I pulled the lever. *PLOP*, out of my pocket, and into the toilet went my people iPhone 4. Like I said, I think my pocket was just jealous because my iPhone is so beautiful. Anyways, it worked for awhile, but then it shut off. So it sat in rice for something like 30 hours... still didn't work. THEN I plugged it in thinking that it might have just been dead, which wasn't the case (could've fried it... hope not!)... and now it is sitting in a bag of rice, once again, in the hopes that it might work. I'm gonna check it next week..

In the meantime, I have felt like the biggest loser because I don't have any form of communication other than facebook. And I'm annoying myself(not to mention my friends) when I ask people to use their phones or text someone for me. So I have been desperately looking for a replacement at&t phone that I can use until I can get to Des Moines and get a new iPhone. Turns out NO one at Luther has extra at&t phones... probably because until last semester, they got NO service pretty much anywhere on campus. But either way, it was ridiculous. I was begging people to ask around, or try to think of anyone that might have an extra, to no avail.

So, pitiful me called my mommy (on my friends phone), and broke down. I'm not sure why being without a phone made me so on edge, but it did. Maybe I'm PMSing(tmi? sorry) and just need a phone in order to be happy right now. Either way, my mother made my day last night by going on ebay and finding me a lovely little replacement phone that I can use until I can get my new phone. Can you say best mom ever? Yeah... she is. But anyway, here's the little bugger! It's supposed to come in this week, and it was pretty cheap! I'm PUMPED to be back in communication with the world!! :D

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