Monday, April 26, 2010

leiomyosarcoma and love.

What an amazing outpouring of love for my Mom this last weekend...

For those who don't know. My Mom has a rare type of cancer called LeioMyoSarcoma. They found a large mass of it wrapped around her ureter last summer when they were doing a surgery for something completely different, removed it and had her go through chemo in the hopes that it wouldn't come back. 3 months after she got done with chemo they found that the cancer had grown back around her ureter and in 2 new spots; one on her liver, and one wrapped around a major artery leading to her leg. So they have decided to put her through chemo again to try to put this cancer in remission.

Because of her cancer she can no longer work, so she really started to worry about her bills and stuff like that. So some of her friends from high school decided to throw her a benefit to raise money so that she doesn't have to go through financial distress along with the side effects of cancer!

And it was

So many people were there to support her. I never expected so many people to be there for her, and the proceeds to everything went to my Mom. Some of the auction items went for $500, and there were probably thousands of raffle tickets sold! I know that she will have nothing to worry about for a long time, which is very encouraging, she totally deserves it.


My Mom is such a beautiful woman. I love her so much, and I know she's gonna beat this. With all this support and all the prayers for her being said, I have no doubt in my mind that this cancer has no chance at winning this fight!

What I'm listening to: Rolling Stones (for my Momma) :)

Pictures: 1-My Mom with my grandma.
2-My Mom and her ex-boyfriend Bill, who Courtney, Chloe, and I grew up really loving!
3- The woman to my Mom's right, Mary, hosted the event, along with another guy named Todd. Both of them were awesome!


  1. Hi - I'm a 8 yr. LMS survivor. I became stage IV within a year of diagnosis. I've been tumor free for the last 6 years. I owe everything to the LMS online group I belong to.
    I highly recommend joining it - to get the most up-to-date treatment info. We have 900 LMS families on the list. I also help with a foundation that raises funds and advocates for LMS research.

    ACOR L-M-Sarcoma Online Support Group

    Sharon in San Francisco

  2. Wow, my mom should totally join that group!!

    Great post Chels. It really was an amazing weekend!

  3. I was a part of that group at first but so many people had bad news all the time I got off the list because it was so discouraging. I am a little more realistic now!

  4. There is also a LMS yahoo group and a Google group. There are two LMS Foundations, NLMSF, National LeioMyoSarcoma Foundation,[] and LMSdr
    Leiomyosarcoma Direct Research. There is alot of very good info to be used in these places. I am an 11 year LMS survivor. My tumor was on my pelvic side wall and wrapped around my ureter. I did pelvic radiation and no chemo.