Friday, April 16, 2010

sperry's and straws

So yesterday was the first day I attempted to wear my Sperry's that I got on my Spring Break trip back in the middle of March. I've been meaning to wear them but have been so obsessed with my wonderful $2 target flippy floppy's that I almost forgot about them! But since today was a little chilly, I decided it was the day to try them out. So I chose an outfit that I thought would do them justice.

Target Shorts
F21 Tank
J. Crew Cardigan

Only problem with this outfit(and I actually worried about this before I left), was that it would look like I wasn't wearing pants from behind, because the cardigan is pretty long. Ends up I'm not the only one that thought that, cause one of my guy friends proceeded to point it out after one of my classes... great. Oh well, I still got to wear my Sperry's! And that was the point right?

I decided after taking the first picture that you couldn't see my Sperry's very well and don't
have a surface that was the right level that would show them, so after about 20 different attempts to get a good angle, this is what I settled on.I figured it was the epitome of a college student picture, lofts, desks, fleece blankets, bright colors. You know how it is!

On another note. My roommate tends to get very interesting treats for our room. She is constantly is getting packages from home with baked goods and candy and coffee and all sorts of other stuff. Today, she offered me a straw that makes your regular 2%, skim, or whatever white milk you have, chocolate. So I tried it out and it was absolutely delicious!

Here's what the straw looked like, it was cinched on the sides so that it could hold in the little chocolate balls that reminded me of cocoa puffs.
(And don't judge my mug, I'm in college =P )

And here is me being pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

I want them, all day every day.
They were that good :)
You need to try them out. I'm not sure what they're called, but I'm sure you could find them. Or who knows, maybe on your next birthday you'll get them from me... that is, if I know you, and love you, and you're not lactose intolerant. Cause then they would be a little pointless =/

Oh! Thought I'd throw this in. I got distracted from taking pictures of my outfit, so here is me loving Edward who is conveniently placed to intimidate my boyfriend when he is sitting on my futon with me. :)

"Empire State of Mind" -Jay-Z

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  1. Lovin Sperry's. I almost wore mine today but I thought they might be too casual at a wedding. ;)