Sunday, April 18, 2010

hair and hinges.

I want to change my hair... reeeeeeal bad.
If you know me at all (or at least high school me), you know that I like to change my hair a lot. Throughout high school my hair was always going from blonde to brown and then back to blonde again. Ever since I got to college I haven't had the time or opportunity to change my hair as much as I used to, probably because my personal hair stylist (my sister) lives four hours away from me, and blonde Chelsea hair requires some major upkeep that would require me to be going home more often than I have the time or money for. But I miss my blonde hair! So I think its about time to make the commitment to go through the long process that is making my hair blonde.

You can just imagine how long it takes to get from this...

to this.

Believe me, it's a long process which requires numerous and regular high lighting sittings, due to the fact that my hair is naturally pretty dang dark, resulting in some pretty nasty looking roots. But like I said, it's a commitment I'm willing to make!

Next order of business...
My hinges are getting rusty. I never thought I'd be saying that I have joint problems at the tender age of 19. But... I have joint problems at the tender age of 19... dang. I noticed it the other day when I was stretching in preparation for cheer tryouts in two weeks (I figured I've been out of practice, and it was about time to get a little bit more flexible so that I don't tear something while doing a toe touch... ouch). So I swung my leg up onto my lofted bed and held it there for a minute, and when I went to take it down again, my hip and knee decided not to work like they were supposed to. Instead of letting me just drop my whole leg to the ground, I had to lower it slowly, and in the mean time my joints were screaming,
It threw me off a little bit! Even some easier stretches that I used to do weren't agreeing with me.

I guess I can blame my joint problems on cheerleading and track. My competitive cheerleading career lasted for 7 years, 4 on Iowa Allstars and the 4 on my high school cheerleading squad. The mix of jumping, flipping, stretching, and spraining (at least on my part), on nearly a daily basis, did not leave my body in good condition. And on top of that I did track for 3 years of high school, and now I'm working out hard core for my college track team. I guess I'm not the nicest to my body, but it's worth it to me to enjoy my body while I still can. Let's just hope my knees and hips can hold up for a couple more years!

"Rude Boy" -Rhianna

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  1. I like those side-by-side pics of you with brown and blonde hair. CUTE!