Friday, April 16, 2010

mess and music.

So, yesterday, after I finished my last post, I got on a total cleaning kick.
As you may well know, college students have tiny rooms.. so you can imagine how impossible it is to navigate across that room if it's a mess. My room yesterday was about the equivalent to this...

I didn't manage to get a picture of how our room actually was yesterday, and my roommate told me I wasn't allowed to take pictures of her mess and post it on the internet, so... this will have to do. But seriously, either way.. it was bad! So I cleaned (with a few short breaks to obsess over my new iTunes purchases... i'll tell you more about them in a minute) and ended up with a mostly clean room! And then I came back to seeing that my roommate had cleaned her part of the room too! score! So here's the results to all my hard work!

This is our newly cleaned futon, we have far too many blankets, so they tend to pile up on there and make it hard to sit on, so organization was necessary on this one.

And this is my newly organized desk. No joke, I couldn't see the floor in this area for awhile... maybe cause it probably a good 10 square feet of space in a little corner of the room, or maybe just cause I'm a messy college student... either way, I'm just glad I can find stuff. Even if there are still towers of books on my dresser ready to collapse at any minute.
And this is me being happy about my clean room!

Now my next topic of discussion. My new iTunes purchases! My mom got me a $25 iTunes gift card for my birthday, so I decided to buy all my top 40 hip hop/R&B songs that I have been listening to through my roommates iTunes library, figured it was about time I add them to my iPod. So anyways, I have been OBSESSING over the New Boyz and all that "jerkin" music ever since Sean Kingston and the New Boyz came to Decorah(believe it or not, our student concert association is pretty awesome, Augustana and Ingrid Michaelson will be here in a few weeks thanks to them!) Sean Kingston wasn't that great... but the New Boyz knew how to put on a show! And they were young and fresh, and super hot(they all ended up without shirts by the end of their show). So now I love them. And have listened to them non-stop since yesterday, not to mention, all the days that Mari(my roommate) played their stuff.

Here's Sean Kingston being awful, but still having a concert in Decorah, making him awesome(or possibly desperate?)

And here's a really bad picture of the New Boyz being awesome, and putting on one of the best shows I've ever seen! Way to go New Boyz!

So as you might have noticed yesterday, I added a little "Song of the day" to the bottom of my profile. I did this cause I figure I have a pretty diverse taste in music, I like pretty much everything(except for most country) and thought it would be interesting to share with you all and show you what I have been listening to lately.


Song of the Day- "Cricketz" -New Boyz

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