Monday, May 3, 2010

mondays and moods.

I'm pretty sure this is the best Monday ever!
(knock on wood)
It's only 9:30 am and I'm already having a wonderful day.
Here's why...
  1. I woke up in plenty of time to be presentable* for class, and wasn't falling asleep in class! It was one of those days where I woke up completely rejuvenated (which is a rarity now-a-days) and it was so nice!
  2. I get to meet Jack's mom today! She's in town to help Jack's sister to move to a house somewhere north? of Decorah and is visiting Jack in the meantime, so I'll get to meet her at some point! (This is exciting because she lives in Oregon, so I was worried that I might NEVER meet her)
  3. Track practice tonight shouldn't be too bad! My coach sent me the game plan for today last night in an email, and I'm feelin pretty positive about the practice, and am getting pumped for the dual against Wartburg(our arch rival) on Thursday!
  4. I HAVE CHEERLEADING TRY OUTS TONIGHT!! I am so excited! We had a clinic thing on thursday where we got scored on tumbling and stunting which went really well. And the cheer and fight song are going to be judged tonight, so I'm pretty excited!! =]
  5. Cinnamon Roll for breakfast... enough said.
  6. Paideia lecture= NO CLASS... muahaha!
  7. Talked to some good friends from home (Rachenda and E-Loser) and they are gonna come visit me before school gets out! =D
  8. I just got an email from my Mom via FB that said that me and my sister get iPhone's as soon as I get in town! We've been planning with my Mom to get new phones for awhile now, but weren't expecting to be getting them until like... August when a bunch of our plans ended. So not only are we probably getting them THIS weekend, but we get to keep our numbers, and I'm PUMPED. AH!

So you can just imagine how effin happy I have been today. And all before 10 am! AH!
Good start to a pretty hectic week. Maybe it won't be as hectic as I thought! Let's pray that things don't take a turn for the worse!

* Sweatshirt, hair not looking a wreck, and JEANS! =D

Listening to- SWITCHFOOT, all of it. Ah gooood stuff

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