Tuesday, April 20, 2010

baby and boyfriend.

There are 2 people worthy of being noted today. The first, is my adorable niece,

Haven Grace.

The second, is my boyfriend,


Today is a special day, because Haven Grace turned 2o months old today, and Jack is turning 19 in 5 days!

Lets elaborate on these two people. Because they're worth it. :)

Haven Grace was born on August 20, 2008. She is the sweetest baby in the world. I can't get enough of her. She's happy, smart, beautiful, and vibrant; and every time she says the word "TESSIE!" (Chelsea in Haven-talk) my heart melts. She has such a personality and every one that meets her just loves her. I still can't believe how old she's getting!

Next up to talk about is my wonderful boyfriend Jack. We've been dating for a little over 2 months now, and he is more than I could have ever imagined. So... I guess you should hear the story about how things happened between us, cause I think it's pretty dang cute. :)

We met during our J-term* class this year, which consisted of class 3 times a day for a grand total of 3 hours and 45 minutes of class a day... With all that time together, we really got to know each other, and the other 7 people in the class.

So after that class was over and we hadn't seen each other for a little over a week we happened to bump into each other at Scoe's** the night before Valentine's Day. We hung out most of the night just enjoying each other's company and dancing. At one point he started pulling packages of Sweetheart Sweet tarts out of his pocket and sharing them with me. One of the package's he opened happen to have nothing but "Be mine" hearts in it. So he showed them to me and I said,
"That's got to be a sign! Of COURSE I'll be your valentine!"
and gave him a big hug. The first one he pulled out of the next package he opened was "I'm yours". And THEN he found one that said "Kiss me" and showed it to me. You can imagine what that one led to! :)

A while later he walked me back to my room and we ended up hanging out in my room just talking and kissing until almost 6 in the morning. Sometime within that 6 hour period he asked me to be his girlfriend, and I, of course, said yes. Who could say no to such a sweet guy? So our anniversary is Valentine's Day(which he said he planned, cause he's horrible with dates, and said it would be easy to remember... turd), and it's been a great couple of months so far!

He's a great guy, and I plan on making this birthday one of the best. :)
Happy Birthday in 5 days baby, so happy I get to celebrate it with you!

* J-term is where everyone at Luther takes 1 focalized course for the entire month of January.
** Roscoe's: The Local Bar in town. This is the place to go on Friday's and Saturday's.

"Careful" -Paramore

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