Friday, April 23, 2010

shirts and responsibility

I have felt so grown up this last week! I swear I have a small business out of my mailbox/room.

OK, so here's the story. Since I'm sure you'd love to hear about it!
Freshmen at my college are required to take a freshmen reading class called Paideia. Everyone dreads it because we read awful books that are related in the most faint ways, and then middle of second semester we are forced to write an 8-12 page long research paper that requires the entire freshman class to live in the library for a few weeks.
My friend Fred was a little frazzled after writing his paper (for good reason, we all were) so he decided to write "The 10 Commandments of Paideia" on the white board in the study lounge he had been working in. Then he took a picture and tagged 50 of his closest friends that he knew would understand where he was coming from.

Sorry about the swearing, but like I said, we were all a little frazzled, and pissed off at Paideia.
So as you could guess, people started commenting on this picture saying things like this:

"i LOVE this!!!"
"Agh! So true, so brilliant!"

and then people started commenting things like this:

"make this into a shirt... please"
"Great idea for a shirt!"
"T shirt please"

Because I was tagged in this, I was getting notifications every time people commented on the picture. So I saw what people were saying, and thought to myself..."Why not make a shirt? That would be AWESOME!" So I messaged Fred asking him what he thought of the T-shirt idea, and he was all for it.
So we designed a shirt,

and created a facebook event for it, got an estimate, and started selling. And it has seriously become a little business. I went door to door selling, and have been getting order forms and money in my SPO every time I go and check. Between the three of us that have been selling the shirts, we probably have about 100 sold, have about 50 people that are sending in money.

This grown up feeling feels good, I like the responsibility I have attained through this whole thing. Maybe that means something... I need to graduate from college, figure out what I really enjoy doing, and maybe that involves business! We'll see...

Oh! And while I'm at it I might as well throw this out there.
Shirts are $10.
If you go to Luther, send $10 in an envelope with you shirt size, room number, name, and email to SPO # 1560 by tomorrow at the latest (we're taking in the orders on Monday)!

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