Friday, April 29, 2011

construction paper and crafts.

So a couple days ago I showed you my DIY shoes where I wrote lyrics on a pair of plain white shoes, and said how I wanted to be more creative more often! So I decided I'd show you some of the stuff I've been doing lately!

This one is a booklet that I did for my Educational Psychology class. My teacher is great and lets us do pretty much whatever we want to show her what we've been learning. I decided to do a booklet to show that hands-on learning is how I learn best, which kind of tied in with the main points that I had to make for the review.

This little project I actually just finished. My dorm room faces a study lounge that is usually pretty packed, and the lounge is about 2 stories above my window, so they have a straight view into my room at certain times in the day. I've had experiences where I was changing and received a text message saying "you might want to close your curtains, you're giving brunsdale a show". Of course, I've been pretty anal about closing my curtains since then, but there's another problem... the lights in the lounge NEVER turn off during the night. There is a constant stream of light coming through my window at night, and when my bed was still lofted it didn't bother me much, but since I moved my bed the light hits me square in the face all night.

I'm hoping that this little addition to my window will solve both problems! Here's hoping!

On another note... isn't my view just great? That concrete wall really adds character.

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