Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My new obsession:

Curling my hair.

While I was in Minnesota helping celebrate my little brothers birthday I forgot my straightener. So I put my hair in a braid while it was still a little wet after my shower. At the end of the party I took out the braid and my hair was wavy but looked kind of jankety so I asked to borrow my step mom's curling iron. It ended up looking awesome. For some reason when I curl my hair without it already being wavy it ends up falling funny and having weird little indents in places it shouldn't... it's almost too perfect. So having the waves already there kind of breaks my hair up into perfect sections for curling. I've curled my hair every day since Sunday... and I'm LOVING it!

Although, I do feel kind of bad for my straightener... maybe I'll whip that out tomorrow just for kicks :)

P.S. Remember when all of my posts were about hair? Yell at me if I get back into that trend! HA!


  1. That picture of you is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Facebook profile pic, FO FREAKIN SHO!