Monday, April 4, 2011

roaring twenties.

Happy Birthday to meeee, Happy Birthday to MEEEEEE!!!

Ah! It's my birthday... and I feel old. But really, not much different than how I felt yesterday. Maybe a little more calm... I was running all over the place!

It's weird to think that I am no longer a teenager. I feel like my age needs to have a "teen" on the end, someone asked me how old I was today and just saying "twenty" sounded weird... Teenage years are gone... on to the Roaring Twenties!!

So far I've gotten a few gifts that have all been really nice! My Dad got me some cute Converse that are more like flats, and he says he's getting me a Vera Bradley clutch(we'll see if the Otter Box fits in that baby... ha). My Mom replaced my iPhone, and I also got some money and a $50 iTunes gift card from her. My grandma just emailed me and apparently I have a membership at the Y now, which I'm actually pretty excited about! I never work out in the summer so that'll be great! And I think my favorite gift of the moment(possibly because it's sitting right next to me and it's delicious) are the cupcakes my dear friend Taylor surprised me with yesterday. They're plain white cake(I don't know how she knew that vanilla cupcakes were my favorite), with vanilla frosting, and cute little toppers that she got from her family's kitchen store. It was so thoughtful, and they're homemade and DELICIOUS! I would save you all one... But I think there are only like... 20 left. So I'm eating them all. One for each year right? ;)

Oh yeah! And my friends are taking me out to dinner tonight! They came in this morning to make sure I would be able to go since I have track and everything. So we're going to Don Jose's tonight, which means free dessert and an embarrassing picture with a sombrero on my head. Ole!

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  1. Happy birthday! Love you. I remember feeling weird that I turned 20. But I also liked it. It's nice to not be quite so young feeling anymore.