Friday, April 8, 2011

crazy busy.


Holy crap is my weekend full of stuff to do. Let me tell ya...

1. Track Practice from 4:15-5(I hope)
-It's the day before our home track meet so I've pretty much gotta be there. But if it runs over than I'm kind of screwed.

2. Tau Delt Tea 5:50
-Actually the tea doesn't start until 7, but it's the seniors last Tea so they get to go around town and have a tab at one of the local bars before it actually starts. I volunteered to be sober cab for them so I have to go early and take them to the bar ahead of time. Should be fun, but it might get a little messy. We'll see.

3. Norse Relays Saturday at Noon.
-I think I'm in three events? So not too much action. But this gets complicated with my next item of business.

4. Mother-Daughter Brunch at 2
-One of my events is scheduled for 2:40... and one of the things we want to do at the Brunch requires me to be there basically the whole dang time. So either I need to talk to my coach about not running that race... or I don't know what I'm gonna do. We'll figure it out.

Ok, so that doesn't seem to horribly bad, but here's some of the complicating factors.

1. My Mom's in town starting today at 5:30... if I'm not done with track by then, then I'll feel awful! I hate it when she drives 4 hours to see me and then I'm too busy to hang out with her. It's just stupid. I think what'll end up happening is I'll get done with track, get completely ready, drive the seniors to scoe's, then go hang out with my momma until the tea starts at 7. Then tomorrow we're both going to be running all over the place thanks to the track meet and the brunch. Sheesh.

2. My sister is about to burst. Her due date was Saturday, April 2, and today is the 8th... in case you needed to know. So as of right now she has an induction scheduled for Monday, but if we get a call tonight saying her water broke, me and my Mom will probably skip town immediately! It's very stressful! We're almost hoping for the Monday induction to go through even though we really do want the baby to come ASAP. It would just be that one complicating factor that would mess everything up! I would really like my mom to stay for the majority of the weekend! Here's hoping everything works out!

*sigh* I'm stressed out already. Time to chill before the craziness ensues!

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  1. For you guys' sake I hope I stay pregnant til my induction. But for my sake I am hoping I go into labor any second. I am in PAIN!!!!!!!!