Monday, April 18, 2011

diy shoes.

I have decided that I need to be more creative... I recently took a marker to a pair of plain white shoes I got at Target a while back. I never wore them because they were too plain. So I got some super skinny permanent markers and wrote some lyrics on them.

If you aren't familiar with Jonny Lang, then that should change pronto. I thought the lyrics to his song "Turn Around" were perfect to go on a pair of shoes.

Here's what they say:

"I was a young man in a hurry,
I didn't stop to think
The next thing I knew I was in trouble,
Deep Trouble.

Then I remember what Aunt Linda(irony, I have an Aunt named Linda! HA!)
Used to tell me back in the day,
The words that she said
Are still in my head, she said:

The choices you make,
Might be mistakes,
But it's never too late
To turn around, turn around.

The road that you take
Might lead you astray
But it's never too late
To turn around, turn around.

You might be in trouble,
You might be running
But it's never too late to turn around.
'Cause as long as you're still breathing
There'll always be enough time
To make the right decision before you die."

There's actually another verse in the song and the chorus is repeated but those are the words I decided were the most important for my shoes(plus I didn't have enough space to fit the rest of the song).

Either way, I want to be more creative more often... so I'm going to be! More stuff like this to come hopefully!

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