Friday, July 2, 2010

sorry and summer so far.

Hey lovelies!

I'm just gonna start off by saying that I am so extremely sorry that I have neglected blogging for this long. I know... its ridiculous. Heck... it's JULY. That's weird... I haven't blogged since, what?
Holy crap. I need to update you PRONTO!

So where do I begin? I started off the summer by chilling and then visiting Jack, since I figured while I was working at camp I wouldn't have time to see him. And on the weekends my friends would get to see me all the time! So I did that. Then I found out that the camp I work at didn't have my correct email address and had sent probably 15 emails to the wrong account. Lucky for me, that meant that I had to head home early (I found out at 11 PM through someone I know that was also going to work there that I was supposed to be at the camp at 4 PM the next day). So I rushed home, not really knowing what I needed for camp, and got everything that I thought might be necessary: a watch, athletic shorts, t-shirts, everything, and headed down to WHR.

So I got there and went through a week of training, where I got to know a lot about the people I would be working with, and a lot about what kind of kids I would be working with and how to deal with them in a proper way.

For those who don't know. The camp I work at is for at risk youth, meaning they tend to come either from really tough neighborhoods, or really tough households. And a lot of times that means that they are a little rough around the edges, and are quick to anger and don't know how to communicate as much as we would like. A lot are really heavily medicated for lots of stuff, ranging from ADD to depression. It's pretty intense.

I'll do another blog explaining a lot of the stuff that I did at wildwood (I only worked for half of the summer, so I'm already done! CRAZY!) But it's worth the time to write about funny stories that happened at camp in a different blog. There are too many people to mention and all that jazz!

But that's basically my summer so far. Lots of working at camp. Along with weekends usually consisting of hanging out with friends and family! Lovin every minute of it so far!

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