Sunday, July 25, 2010



Nordic Fest was amazing. I guess I didn't really tell you guys about it though, did I?

Oops... well here ya go :)

Nordic Fest is this big festival in Decorah where they celebrate Norwegian-ness. So they have stands with lots of Norwegian names like "Kringle", a parade, fireworks, troll statues, gnomes... everything you need to draw in Norwegian's from around the country to celebrate their heritage, I guess.

I'm not Norwegian... so I went up to celebrate Decorah's Norwegian-ness, which was amazing! I got to catch up with so many of my friends from school that I haven't seen since the school year, plus I finally got to meet Jack's dad! I realized recently that being at college is totally different from being at home, especially in my case because Decorah is such a tiny town compared to Des Moines. I felt like no matter where I went, there was someone that I knew while I was in Decorah this weekend. That NEVER happens in Des Moines, and when it does, it tends to be casual acquaintances, or people that I would rather not run into. In Decorah, I run into people that I love. The first night I went out I got about 8 hugs upon entering the club, all from people that I really truly have missed all summer. That alone made me want to go back to school, pronto. And I still have over a month until move in! I'm sure I'll appreciate the summer once I move in and really start missing my friends from home... but for now.

I miss Decorah,
and I want to be there.

Jordan and I at VFW
Jennie(my roommate) and I getting ready to go out!
Laura and I enjoying some ice cream from the infamous Whippy Dip!
(If you haven't tried it, and you've been to Decorah, I'm pretty sure it's a sin... You might want to get on that ;) )
Me, Greg, Jennie, and Alyse chillin at the Courthouse!
(Excuse my extra chin)
At the courthouse with Kelsey, Marlena, and Desi!
Jack and I :)

Taylor, Desi and I!

Listening to: Dynamite By: Taio Cruz (Theme song for me and my girls!)

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