Friday, July 30, 2010

day and doings.

Disclaimer: This was written at around 1:30-2 AM this morning. If I'm not as funny or witty as I think I am at this moment. I apologize. Don't hold it against me :)

I would like to tell you about my extremely full day today.

It doesn’t seem so full now that I look back on it. But I think about it right now (at 1:36 AM) and realize that it still isn’t quite over... and maybe, it needed to be a little fuller.

Lets go in list form to make it a little easier to follow (both for you and me)

1. Woke up at around... eh... noon-ish? This could probably have been the downfall of my day because I’m sure that everything I did today could have been spread out a little more, and maybe just maybe, I would have had the chance to jump in my pool, or get my tan on at some point too. However, that didn’t happen. I slept in.

2. Went to lunch with Courtney. She’s actually the reason I woke up. She called me and asked me to run her sunglasses outside (she forgot them at my house yesterday). So I woke up, and she asked me to go eat with her. End of story.

3. I knew this morning at around ten when I woke up for a hot second that I felt like I needed to be awake for something, but I wasn’t sure what, so I went back to sleep. After Courtney called me and got me to go eat with her, I got a text from Katelyn saying “You up? :)” and I immediately thought to myself. SHOOT! I made plans with her the night before sometime around midnight to work out with her at 1:30. Woops, it was something like 1:14 and I was on my way to Chipotle with my sister and my niece. So I texted back that I was, in fact, awake, but that I was on my way to eat and would be late (I hate it when that happens. And it happens to me a lot. ugh.) So directly after eating (ew) I ran home, changed clothes and ran to school(yes, school. It’s free, and easy. Plus I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in awhile! Yippee!... did I really just say yippee? anyways...) So I worked out, which was so nice, and it was the first time I had been able to get a legit work out since school! Well, I guess I was probably able before that, but I’m lazy, and would rather sit at home and type to you nice folks :).

4. Chloe has recently decided that all black hair isn’t the bomb dig anymore. She, instead, has decided that red hair is the way to go. So I jumped on that and asked her if she wanted to try peek-a-boos first to see what she thought of red hair. So we ran to Walgreens and grabbed some Red “Splat” Hair dye. Then we came home and got to dying. And it was a PROCESS, the bleech that came in the box ended up being really crappy. The part of her hair that wasn’t color treated turned white almost instantly, but the majority of her hair was more of a light brown, and when I went back to put more of the bleech in, something had gone wrong with it (oxidizing or something maybe? I’ll have to ask Courtney...) and it did next to nothing. Then the red dye went in, but before I washed that out...

5. I went to the ATT store, and got my new iPhone 4, and it. is. pretty :). Some time in the time that me, Courtney, and Haven were eating, I got a call from the ATT store saying that my phone had finally come in. I’ve been waiting for something like 2 weeks! So I’m thrilled that I finally have it. But that took longer than expected (I figured it wouldn’t take long, so I left Chlo at home with the dye in her hair... woops), and didn’t get back until almost 20 minutes later than I thought.

6. Then I went home and washed Chloe’s hair out, and it looks awesome. But now she wants her whole head dyed red “like Ariel”... we’ll talk to mom and see what she thinks. :P

7. Then I had a small break from the action, and I wrote a blog on here. Don’t ask why I’m already writing another one. Probably cause it is now almost 2 and I’m wide awake and need more excuses to stay up and finish what I probably should be doing, but more of that later.

8. Then Kelsey came over. My dear dear friend from college who I met at school 4 hours away from here, who just so happens to live about 5 minutes away from my house! We have a little tradition ever since probably... january? of me dying her hair. She likes it dark, and when she starts getting roots she makes a dye date with me and we fix her right up and catch up and such, and its fun :). So we dyed her hair, laughed, Chloe and her bonded since they were both recently dyed, good times all around.

9. Then I was at a loss for things to do, and was craving cereal. So I headed over to HyVee and got me some Marshmallow Mateys and Golden Puffs.(For the record, off brand cereals are always better unless its Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Berry Captain Crunch) And then also decided to stop by RedBox. Who can resist? A movie for $1 a night? I think so. So I got Julie & Julia (surprisingly good, and it makes me want to buy her book so that I can be a good cook :) ) came home and ate my cereal and watched my movie.

10. And now it is officially 2 AM. My mother has been bothering me all day to pack a bag for them to take to Florida. I’m flying out on Monday, because on Sunday I will be attending a dinner at Wildwood, and apparently, the airline I’m going on now makes you pay to have a bag. DUMB. So my family is driving down my bag. I haven’t started yet. Woops. I better get on that.



night :)

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