Wednesday, May 12, 2010

busy and buddies.

So remember when I talked about how proud I was of myself for cleaning my room back in this post? Well... that didn't last long. Because of the new placement of my desk, everything piled into that area cause it's pretty out of the way. So now I have friends coming in town tonight, and I put it off until today to clean that area... again... and my closet area... and take out the trash... OH! And dishes. So yeah, working on getting all of that figured out! Actually, I'm still in the midst of it, but I figured I would take a break and tell you about my ridiculously busy day!

Things I have to do today(in no particular order):

1. Memorize "I Remember" By: Steven Sondheim, from the musical Evening Primrose, for seminar tonight.
2. Sing at seminar, Jack might go... PRESSURE! ha...
3. Go to a track meeting, but not track, because I have too much to do today... luckily, Coach understands my busy schedule, and gives me some grace.
4. Clean room... workin on that one. =/
5. Still have to hand out some Paideia shirts! Remember those? They came in yesterday!
Woo hoo! So we passed them out, and now we have like... 4 left? Yeah, pretty sweet!
6. 4 of my bestest friends are coming to visit me tonight! (They're the only reason my room is being cleaned) And I'm super excited! But, have to entertain them in the mean time! =/
7. Floor meeting, that I think is going on while my friends are here... awesome. Hopefully short and sweet.
8. Taking the DM kids out on the town! Woo! Wednesday nights in Decorah... how fun. If I haven't told you, at Luther we don't have "Thirsty Thursday" we have "Wasted Wednesday". So people go to Americana and karaoke, and have fun! AND it's the last wednesday that people will be able to go out! So there should be lots of people! I'm excited to take them out!

busy busy busy
But it's all good! Some stressful stuff mixed in with just enough fun stuff! Woo!

Listening to- Devil Wears Prada. Go listen. "Louder than Thunder" if you're not into heavy screaming. "Dez Moines" if you like the heavy stuff=]

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