Sunday, January 22, 2012

Things that are awesome:

1. Sales

I went to the mall today for a hat and a belt. I have been having problems lately with my pants fitting and my ears wanting to fall off after a minute of being outside... So both of these things were necessary! And I found BOTH of them on sale! The belt I found is super cute and was like.. 30% off at the Buckle. And it's totally my style. The hat was 50% off and is just a simple knit white hat. Just what I wanted and it only ended up being only like... $10!!

Here's the belt! Very neutral and very me ;)

2. My drunk kitchen

Jenna Marbles is this huge YouTube star right now that puts out hilarious(but slightly profane) videos on a weekly basis. Her latest video was a parody of one of her friends YouTube channels called 'My Drunk Kitchen'. It. Is. Hilarious! First of all Hannah(the owner of the kitchen) is a hilarious drunk. Second of all she is an awful cook. So it makes it that much more hilarious to watch. I was holding a sleeping Carter the first time I watched it and I had to do everything in my power to not wake him up from my laughter. I ended up just kind of vibrating...

3. Boyfriends

They're just awesome. You can talk to them about anything. They're cuddly. And they're cute.

4. Milk

It improves a couple of my favorite items. Cookies and cereal.

5. Blankets

Cause everybody loves to be warm!

6. Sewing machines

Got one for Christmas... Best thing ever! I have almost finished a t-shirt quilt(blogs to come) and have made Haven two purses. Plus I fixed some loose stitches on some shirts! So much easier than hand stitching!

7. Jello

Did you know that sugar-free Jello is 0 points in weight watchers? So that means you could eat nothing but sugar free Jello(and coffee... Also 0 points) all day and still be able to eat a cake all by yourself and lose weight(theoretically).

8. Texts from my little sister

If you aren't my friend on Facebook... Here are some of the best :)

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  1. I think you should have a semi-regular blog posts entitled "Texts from Chloe".