Tuesday, January 17, 2012

stressful morning.


This is by far one of the most stressful mornings of my life.

Today is my first day of classes at Drake. I've been having dreams about how it would go and I've been very anxious about it. So I got up this morning at 6 so that I could be ready for my 8 o'clock class. Carter stayed asleep pretty much the whole time I was getting ready, and I had gotten everything him and I needed for today ready last night. So at about 7:15 I headed over to my grandmas house to drop Carter off.* I was feeling good and like I was gonna make it to school in plenty of time to find the building my class was in and get a good seat(it usually takes about 15 minutes to get to Drake from my house, and I had 30 minutes to get there). So I hit the road and immediately hit traffic. I was pretty stressed when I got to the interstate with 15 minutes to get to class. Then I realized how bad traffic was on the interstate. Oh man. Stop and go. I never went past 10 mph once I got on. I turned on the radio to see what was going on and come to find out, thanks to the snow, a semi had jack-knifed near downtown... All of a sudden I felt like throwing up. I am a pretty punctual person. I like to be at least 5 minutes early to things and always think ahead about my routes and choose the quickest way. So when my choice fails I immediately freak out. I called my mom and almost stated crying. So long story short I ended up being 45 minutes late to my class. Go figure I walked up to the classroom and it was completely empty with a sign on the door saying that my professor was ill. I don't think I've ever been so happy to find out someone was sick.

So now my adrenaline is still pumping from my crazy morning. I don't know whether to laugh or cry. And all I can think to do is sit down, enjoy some breakfast, and wait for my next class to start. And this time... I won't be late.

*My mom is at Mayo for her quarter-annual scan. Praying that she gets good news but wishing she was here!

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