Thursday, January 12, 2012

Changes and school.

I would like to start this blog off by saying sorry for my lack o use of the enter key lately. I promise I've been meaning I have more than one paragraph in my blogs... but for whatever reason that blogger app on my phone doesn't think that's a good idea. Oh well-the only people that care are English majors. Anyways. I wanted to share my big steps today. These might not seem so big to y'all, but for me it's the end of a chapter. Right when I started at Luther I immediately added all the websites to my bookmarks at the top of my Internet browser. Today I found out all the information I need to have in order to be a drake student, and replaced those Luther bookmarks with Drake ones. Not gonna lie... I was pretty sad. I skyped with one of my best friends from Luther, Laura right afterwards and we made sad faces at eachother when I told her. On a happier note, I'm really exited to start classes next week! It'll be so nice to be back to regular classes and get back to starting the rest of my life. Since having Carter I have felt like I took this huge step but kinda got stuck. There was all this stuff that you expect to come with having a baby-your own place, a job, a spouse... and those things didn't come. So naturally, I'm getting antsy to be able to have those things. And before most of those things come I need to finish my education. So here starts the rest of my life(too corny? Too bad!)! - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

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