Tuesday, January 24, 2012

school frustrations.

So I have some time right now to vent a little(I'm allowed to do that on here right?).

I just got done with my third day of classes and I am so overwhelmed. It's honestly not because of the work load... And really it's because of one of my classes in particular.

Here's why:

As an education major you have to slowly build up a couple portfolios as you go through your education classes. Since I was a few classes into my major at Luther I was nearly finished with one of them. But now that I transferred to Drake I have to start over. I am so frustrated because it feels like I'm starting from scratch again. Both schools use online portfolio programs that make it a lot easier... But they're different and the fact that I have to relearn how to do everything is so frustrating. On top of that, when we were getting everything set up for our Drake accounts we had to fill in our estimated graduation date. And I realized I have no idea. I filled in May of '15... 2 years later than I originally anticipated.

Do I have reason to be frustrated? Cause I am seriously frustrated. :(

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