Friday, October 21, 2011

Sleeping and teething.

Carter is 3 and a half months old and is such a big boy! He hasn't had an appointment to check his growth since his 2 month appointment, but he has a check up on the 1st to see how he's doing. Last time we checked he was 50th percentile for everything(height, weight, and head circumference) but lately everyone has been saying that he looks big for a three-month-old(of course I'm thinking 'Nuh uh! He's tiny!'), so I'm excited to see what the doctors have to say!

As for developments I have noticed and that don't need to be told to me by the doctor... Carter is finally getting to the stage where he fights sleep. I expected this because his cousin, Parker, has been fighting sleep since she was about his age. This just means that he knows he's tired an gets fussy, but when it gets to the time that he should close his eyes and drift of he just doesn't let it happen. To fix this I am beginning to realize he just needs distraction, so I just sang him to sleep(worked wonders!).

Also, I think I might see a little tooth underneath his gums(which might explain a little of his fussiness). He's getting upper drool-y so I wouldn't be at all surprised if that happened soon! I'll definitely keep you updated on if that happens soon!

As for the vlog that I mentioned in my last post... I think I have an idea to kick things off! We'll see how it goes... Or if it happens at all ;) again... I'll keep ya updated!

Hope y'all have a great weekend!

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  1. Ohhhh that last picture of him in the harley hat is ridiculously cute!

  2. very cute