Tuesday, February 15, 2011

school and motivation.

So I'm sitting here in my room with a cup of coffee working on some homework that's due later today, thinking.
Thinking that last semester... this would probably never happen.

I don't know how I got so unmotivated last semester... and the semester before that... but for some reason, I just didn't try. I coasted by in school and my grades suffered because of it. I would skip class, stay up late, not get my homework done... and this is college! I'm just sitting here thinking,

I know I have the capabilities of being a good student. Heck, I got a 3.0 my first semester of college. And I think I took that and thought "Well gee, college is easy... Why am I trying so hard?"

College is a challenge, and I know that I'm capable of getting amazing grades... getting on the Dean's list maybe? I know I can do it! So what was wrong with my thought process?

I think I am most frustrated at this because I have so many things that I love that are starting to be taken away because of my poor academic standing(stupid 2010 self...). And I have been working non-stop and have more motivation than I have ever had to get those things back, and to be at the top of my game again. I refuse to just coast by for the rest of my college career.

New goal for the semester(or at least different from the one I had the last two).
Aim for a 4.0. Do not settle on getting C's. Heck... don't be proud of a B. Aim for A's.

I will do well.

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  1. I'm proud of you. Way to stay motivated. Just keep it up even when it totally blows. You're going to have an awesome career because of it. :)