Friday, December 24, 2010

ramblings and christmas!

ramble ramble ramble.

I have thought about lots of stuff tonight. So I decided to share it on here... cause sometimes I feel like people on facebook judge me. Does anyone else feel that way? There have been multiple times that I go to post a status and then decide that people will probably not care or will leave a stupid mean comment... They say they're your friends... but are they really? Ha.. anyways!

A couple things that have been on my mind.

They are just an amazing band. If you don't believe me, go look them up on youtube... or better yet! Just click here if you want to see them doing cool acoustic covers, or here if you want to see them really doing their thing! I've been obsessed with them all day, and have felt the need to share them more than once. They are just so incredibly talented. And Hayley's hair is just awesome, not to mention her voice. LOVE.

I've said before on here that I am just obsessed with changing my hair up, mostly with different cuts and colors. But today I tried something different... parting it on the other side. I actually just did it about an hour ago after all the Christmas Eve festivities died down. But I had nothing better to do, so I figured... why not try something different? I've always been huge about parting my hair the same way. My sister always tries to get me to part my hair differently because she thinks I part it too far over. I probably do, especially because of the fact that I have a pretty bad cowlick(sp?) on the side of my head I part it on... but I've never EVER thought of changing the side it was on. If you're not sure what it normally looks like, there's a picture of me a few posts back in a green shirts with my hair how I normally part it. I'm not sure if I'm diggin the different part without something done to it.

For instance:
Here's the different side just left alone.

But here it is with a BOBBY PIN!

See what I mean yet?
Ok... if you don't, here's just one more example.
Here's with a bobby pin... and a HAIR TIE!

I feel like parting my hair differently has made me into a bobby pin convert. I do nothing to my hair when it's parted on the side I normally part it on. All I do it either straighten or scrunch it and leave it to do what it will, never pin it back, never put it in a hair tie. But this just looks so much better.. I think this will be a new norm for me! It's a nice!

I am absolutely addicted to cereal. I am probably one of the pickiest people on the planet, but cereal is something that I have always loved. There's only a couple that I discriminate against... usually the healthy ones... but who likes healthy cereal anyway? I mean really... cracklin' oat bran? Ew. Anyways, back to my point. Trix cereal has always been a favorite of mine. But I am a little put off by the change in shape. As many of you know, they used to make Trix in the shape of fruit and other random things. Now they make them in balls. I really wouldn't mind this change, other than the fact that the flavor is cut in half. The only reason I'm thinking about this really, is because I'm eating a bowl right now(yes... at 11:53... I told you I was addicted). Something about it just doesn't taste as good... a lack of flavor maybe. I miss those shapes. *sigh*

Well... that's pretty much all I had to ramble about. And as for my so-called facebook friends that would've judged me if I had a status about cereal or hair... eff you. And go listen to Paramore.
Oh... one more thing.


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