Wednesday, December 29, 2010

hair hair hair.

So, once again...

Sorry everyone, I'm sure you're as sick of me bringing it up as I am by now...
but I promise this is the last time for awhile(hey... I can't promise something big isn't gonna happen ever again...) that I will bring up my hair. If I bring it up again anytime soon... I give you permission to ignore me. :)

So here's the bangs! I'm still getting used to them... I only got them last night after all.
I had decided that the length of my hair was a little boring without something else going on (layers, bangs, or color) so I decided bangs it is!

They're a little shorter than I think I wanted them, but that's completely my fault. My sister cut them once and I decided I wanted more. Oh well... I'm just gonna have to get used to them!

1 comment:

  1. You ARE a crazy hair blogger, but I LOVE your bangs. You are totally a bang girl - they look so cute on you! I kinda want to chop mine too.

    And I miss you already. I hate when you go back to school. :(