Sunday, June 26, 2011

weeks and jack.

39 weeks and 2 days.

Ya know what that means? Less than a week until Ping-Pong is due to arrive! I am getting so anxious for this kid to finally pop his head out and say hello(or at least scream a little bit). We had a lovely surprise this week because we found out that Jack(Ping-Pong's dad) is coming in town for the week around my due date! We are hoping that Ping-Pong gets here while he's in town so that he can be there for the birth. We're even talking to the doctor to see if we can induce if I don't go into labor before the due date. If not, and Ping-Pong shows up after Jack leaves, at least him and I will be able to talk some serious baby stuff(not that we haven't), and he'll be able to see this tummy!

So here's hoping that Ping-Pong comes soon (but preferably sometime between Wednesday and Friday!)

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