Friday, October 15, 2010

tau dizzle month

Time for another update!

So since my last post all the mommy's and grandma's have posted pictures of pick-up night.
Here's my favorite!

Like I said in my last post, I was so nervous for this moment. I was the second to last person in my dorm to be picked up!

So this week wasn't too stressful. We didn't have to do anything ridiculous to do for the first half of the week. Then, the second half we found out our punishments. I got a group one, which you'll see a picture of. But I wore black yoga pants instead of nice pants, so I had the punishment "didn't have time to get ready". So no make up, hair had to be up in a towel. Fun. Not.

Oh, and we had to bend and snap every time we saw an active on Thursday.

So here are the outfits for the week.

Tourist/Tropical Vacation Day:
Had to wear really corny typical tourist stuff. Note the fanny pack, lei, and... colorful... vest.

Double Trouble Day!
Had to dress as twins with someone in the pledge class. Me and Jennie took bleach pens to black shirts. And if you couldn't guess, this is the day that I had to serve my punishment.

Mommy's Lil Angel Day!
This day we had to dress like angels! So wings, halo's, the whole shabang. Also, we had to make a little star with our mom's name in it. You might be able to see mine on my name tag. :)

Notice that I didn't have pictures for Tuesday or Wednesday. Tuesday was family portrait day, and me and my mom both forgot our cameras, so my roommate has a picture that she will upload once she's not dopey on pain meds after getting wisdom teeth hopefully sometime tonight. And wednesday wasn't anything special. Tau Dizzle Day again. That was the day I got in trouble for yoga pants... woops.

And once again. The silly picture for the week. Syd at highway clean up.
Sooooo classy.

Listening to: Wynter Gourdon-Dirty Talk

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