Sunday, October 31, 2010

pledging part 3

Sorry it's been awhile.

I've been in kind of a funk lately. I'm not gonna bore you with my teenage drama and random crap that's going on in my life... for now. This post is updating on pledging again.

So, I was kind of crappy this week about getting pictures taken. I was extraordinarily tired and the last thing I was thinking about was pictures. But here are the ones I got!

Disney Day!
I was Minnie! Diggin the shoulder pads!

Tau Dizzle Day-I love my Mommy Boards!
We had to make boards that said why we love our mom's, and wear them around all day. Just so happened to be the windiest day at Luther College that I have ever experienced. I had to hold them down as I walked across campus so that they wouldn't fly off or into my face, and all the people walking anywhere near me.
So here's the front...

And the back! (notice the bend across the top left side... thanks wind!)

Halloween Day
We had to dress up in our outfits that we were planning on wearing out! I didn't get any during the day, but this is right before we went out on Friday night!

You guys missed out on
Thursday: Sweatin to the Oldies Day
Friday: Frat Day
Tuesday: Good Ol' Granny Day
Thursday: Blizzard Day

Oh, and I should probably tell you about my super fun punishment I had to carry out on Blizzard Day. Remember when I had to wear a towel on my head? Some actives in the sorority saw me and one of my good friends not wearing our towels when we were supposed to, so we had to wear towels on our heads again. AND wear trash bags that were tucked into underwear that we had to wear over my pants. It was... fun. I'm kinda glad I didn't get a picture. Last time I posted embarrassing pics on here they ended up on a power point ;) (Alex and Molly!)

So now we have a week left of dressing up, and curfew is at 7 PM everyday for the next week. So activation is sneaking up on us! We don't know when it's going to happen, we just know that we're ready to be activated!

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