Sunday, October 10, 2010

pledge month starts NOW.

Never though I'd be a part of one of those! But I'm proud to say, that I am pledging Tau Delta Gamma here at Luther.

For a really long time I was positive that I would never join a sorority. It just wasn't my scene. I knew a lot of people that were in sorority's and I never thought I'd fit in or make friends when in one. Plus I didn't like the idea of HAVING to live in a house with a bunch of girls that I didn't necessarily like.

Then I came to Luther College. The greek thing isn't like it is at Iowa State or Iowa or anywhere like that. There aren't sorority and fraternity houses where everyone in the group lives. It's more focused on the family aspect and really getting to know the girls in the sorority as a group and becoming closer to your pledge class and everything through pledge month.
Now that I'm a part of it I absolutely love it. My Mom is so sweet, and all of my friends are embracing it just as much as I am. We dress up every day together and try to stay together as a group and have fun with everything that we are forced to do!

So far we've had 3 dress up days, not counting pick up night. We got a list of things that we had to wear every day (I have to wear a big pink ring, a blue bracelet, my pearls, letters on my face, a name tag, tape on my back that says "tau delta gamma pledge Chelsea", and wings on wednesdays), plus a big tote of clothes that we can use for the dress up days for the rest of the month.

Here's what I've looked like so far!

Pick up night:
We were scared out of our minds!
(They picked us up one at a time, threw a shirt on us, put on our traditions, and wrote on our faces!)

Day 1:
Had to wear our family traditions,
plus the shirts we got on pick-up night.

Day 2:
Mommy dress me day.
This outfit has been passed down through the years, my mom wore it when she pledged, and her mom wore it too. I'm thinking I'm gonna switch out the shoes for next year since I had to cut them up so that my feet could fit (they were 2 sizes to small..)!

Day 3:
Super Norse Day.
Had to dress up in blue and white, Norse helmets and a cape!

Also, we get punished if we do something wrong. For example, someone forgot to put the tiers on the letters they wrote on their face, so they had to draw legit tears on their face the next day. Someone else messed up when they said their grandma's name on pick-up night, so they had to write "I heart Krista" on their forehead. We also got punished as a group. On day one they said that we didn't say hello to enough actives, so on Mommy Dress Me Day we had to say hello to all the females we passed on campus, and on Super Norse Day we had to gallop EVERYWHERE.

I'm also the pledge president for our pledge class. Me and my friend Taylor have to organize a bunch of stuff that all the pledges have to do as a group. Like, organizing our photo scavenger hunt that is due at the end of the month, and lots of other random stuff, like decorating a FLOAT!

You like? We had to figure out what the design was and then figure out when everyone would meet up! It was important that we had a sweet design, cause if we had the best float we got a cash prize. We don't know if we won yet, but we're hoping for the best! This whole president thing has been a huge responsibility, but it just makes it all the more fun! I'm really enjoying it!

So, now that I've told you everything there is to know about my pledge month so far. I'll just say that I'll keep you updated, and hope that you think its interesting! I hope you have as great of a month as I'm about to have!

Oh, and here's who I've been hanging out with this whole week.
Aren't they hawt?

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