Saturday, June 2, 2012


Every once in a while I get really excited about something, and for one reason or another it doesn't happen when I expect it to. Like, I could have an awesome day and still be depressed because this one thing didn't happen.

That happened today.

And it makes me mad that I'm sad(enough emotions already, Chelsea. Your readers are getting whiplash!!). I hung out with my mom all morning at the farmers market downtown and ate lots of yummy food. Then I went to a movie(Snow White and the Huntsman-so good!) with my sister while my mom and grandma watched our babies. And just because it didn't work out for me to go wedding dress shopping, I got all upset.

Really? Boo hoo! Cry me a river and build me a bridge-get over it!

I could go wedding dress shopping every freaking day for the entire summer to make up for today!! Why am I down?? I really need to get out of this habit of getting myself down so easily. It's really not that big if a deal!!

So on a more happy note...

I got a ring! Cute, eh? My sister picked it out :)

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  1. Yes, you shouldn't feel down because we get to go tomorrow!! :) Cute ring! Show a side view!! :D