Monday, May 14, 2012

my life thru my phone

I've seen lots of blogs recently that just do photo dumps from their phones to update their readers on their lives. What a novel idea!
I'm joining the club.

Carter makes this awesome face when he does 'So big!' In case you haven't noticed, Carter has two chins and a tiny neck, so this face gets rid of the neck entirely and enhances the look of his cheeks. ;)

I went out with my friends to celebrate Rachenda(in the middle) and Ryan's 21st birthday. This picture documents directly before my body decided to purge itself of everything I had consumed since about 9 that night...
Awesome(not really).
I also had a final the next day.

Carter can stand!!! Kind of...
As you can see from this picture, its a stand for 3 seconds and then plop on your bottom kind of stand... But he does it all the time.
So there.
He can stand!

I recently picked up racquetball. My sister and brother-in-law are racquetball fanatics and used to play a ton in college. They are both getting back in the swing of things and they've invited me along!
For mothers day my mom got me a bunch of my own racquetball stuff so that I don't have to borrow Courtney's all the time. Here's me being excited(and nerdy) about it.

Carter and I went and hung out by the lake by our house yesterday. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot, and breezy. Only problem was the bugs(I hate bugs) so we didn't stay long, but I've decided I need to go outside more... Carter loved it!

Carter joined a gang.
Ok, not really... but he DID wear my bandana and looked dang cute in it.

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