Thursday, March 29, 2012

MLIA(my life is awesome)

Why my life is awesome

1. I have this super cute little boy in my life that smiles at me and loves me no matter what. He showed me what love is and showed me how I should really live my life. What a blessing he is.

(He's even sick in this picture and still cute as H)

2. My boyfriend is amazing. We currently live 10 hours away from each other and it sucks... We're lucky to see each other once every couple months. But he is so great. He's an amazing Dad and loves my favorite little boy just as much(maybe ;) ) as I do. Also, I realized recently that the things we tend to get in fights about are over things that we miss about each other. For instance, he just got mad at me recently for never laying Carter down at night... Why? Cause he misses cuddling(or at least that's what I took away from it). Seriously? How much sweeter can you be. I can't wait for the day that we live in the same city again!

3. Creatvity. I recently bought my first crochet hooks and have made multiple bows since then! I plan on moving on to bigger things eventually... But for now. I'm happy with my bows :)

4. Finding friends in your family. When we were on Spring Break I really got to connect with my cousins. Made me realize how special family relationships are. Love and miss them even more now!!

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