Monday, March 26, 2012

Washington trip.

Wow. This has been one heck of a trip.
First of all we got to Seattle only to find out my cousins grandma was on her deathbed. The day before we left for Portland she passed away and my cousin, Haley, had to head out of town for some family time. Then we got to Portland and Jack's uncle died!! It was awful timing, and needless to say no one wants us to come visit them anymore for fear that a loved one will die.

On a more positive note, it was so nice to catch up with our relatives from the west coast. We rarely get to see them because of our location, but when we do get together it's a great time.

We toured the Seattle fish market and shopped a bit. But none of that compared to our trip to Forks!!

Ok... So honestly, Forks wasn't that great. My sister, my cousin and I agreed that it was probably the saddest town we had ever been to. We ate at a restaurant that made us extremely uncomfortable because it was disgusting. Wallpaper was peeling and the salad bar was wilty. Not to mention the waitress had no idea what the words 'customer service' meant... I think we were more excited about the welcome to Forks sign* than we were about Fork's itself.

We also got to go to La Push, which is where Jacob Black from the Twilight series is supposed to be from. And it was beautiful. We saw whales and the beach was covered in driftwood. I took a couple rocks from the beach to remember it, not to mention a million pictures!!

*see?? Forks sign had us jumping up and down! Forks? Not so much.

Russell Brand look-alike in this one!

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