Sunday, February 19, 2012

thoughts on birthdays.

Today is one of my best friends birthday and I started to think about where my birthday falls in accordance to my friends.

My birthday falls in April, so I've always been pretty young for my grade. At home I'm second to youngest in my close group of friends. So it kinda sucked growing up knowing I'd always be the last one to get to do things(drivers license, voting, drinking).

Then I went to college and made some really close girlfriends and I happen to be the oldest one! Kinda funny if you ask me... Like I'm pretty sure there are kids that are two grades below some of my friends that are older than them. They're just babies!

But back to my BFF whose birthday it is!!

Elizabeth Anne. I love you so much! I hope you've had an amazing and crazy night partying it up on your 21st and I hope you got your valentines day present that I sent you! Can't wait to see you soon!!

Lizzie-far right in white!!

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