Tuesday, July 10, 2012

my new business

for those of you that don't follow my life on facebook, you probably haven't heard that my sister and i just got started in a direct sales business called premier designs.

the company(which is christian based) sells jewelry that is reasonably priced, and sends a big chunk of their profits to missionaries all over the world. plus they have a great plan for jewelers and a reeeeeally good one for its hostesses.

my sister has been shamelessly advertising her business on her blog and through facebook, and i have been holding off because i, quite frankly, am not as comfortable doing so.

my sister is a natural born saleswoman, and while i can put on a great act, i'm just not about putting myself out there like that. but i do want to tell you all a little about my business and why you should think about hosting a party!

first of all, our hostess plan can't be beat by any other jewelry company out there right now. hostesses make 30% of their shows total retail in free jewelry, plus premier gives them the opportunity to get $100 more in free jewelry in hostess benefits and they can get a bunch of stuff at half price.

all those things along with our special* for next month means lots of free and half priced jewelry for our hostesses and lots of fun for your friends at your party!

i know this seems kind of silly, but home shows are a lot of fun and i'm really excited to get started. if you're interested in hostessing feel free to leave a comment here or send me a message on facebook!! also, i'm more than willing to run you a catalog so you can see what we have to offer!

*if your show is booked between july 14 and august 30, you can get 50% of your shows retail in free jewelry depending on the sales!!

- Chelsea :)