Sunday, September 9, 2012

so school is back in session, and let me tell ya... it's totally different than last semester. i started off the year with my mom super sick right before she planned on leaving the country. only for her to be admitted to a hospital once she got there. then my grandma was moving right when i needed a babysitter.

long story short things did not go as planned! carter ended up starting day care last week(which we have been looking into) mainly because my grandma had too much on her plate as it was and didn't think she could move and watch a toddler. thankfully it has gone really well so far! the day care is in the church i grew up in, and there are a bunch of kids his age for him to play with! plus they feed him way better than i do(they promote a well balanced diet which i have a hard time doing since i'm so picky). also, i think it will be good for both of us because he is a total momma's boy and my heart can't help but melt when he cries 'momma!'. so we are both becoming a little more independent.

anyway.. school! as glad as i am to have a little change of pace, it is hard having all new teachers. some of them are very 'let the learners teach themselves', which is great, but not when i'm trying to understand math. i need structure when it comes to math cause i don't understand math textbooks-it's like reading a foreign language to me. luckily the rest of my classes are very interesting and i think i can pull off a 4.0 again(knock on wood).

chow's is going as expected. I have all new students minus a couple returning cheerleaders, and they are all doing great!! it's gonna stay busy around there for awhile thanks to gabby coming home with the gold, but that's just fine with me! the more the merrier!! plus my niece is one of the many new students starting this fall. i bought her a leotard for her birthday-seemed fitting ;).

overall everything has been going pretty ok around here. i'm still bummed i have to wait until december for jack to be here, but i think we'll be fine in the meantime(which reminds me, wedding plans are well underway and we have a date set-exciting!!!). also, i have lots more pictures from our trip to south dakota, so keep an eye out for some of those posts!

until then!