Thursday, July 5, 2012

50 things.

carter is napping. so what better way to pass the time than getting on blogger and telling you a little bit more about me and jack??

50 things about us.
1. jack is originally from oregon.
2. we both attended luther college but neither of us stayed there for more than 2 years.
3. i drink coffee.
4. he doesn't.
5. i'm a really good speller(you wouldn't think so though. thanks auto-correct).
6. he isn't.
7. we are both hands-on/tactile learners.
8. he played contact sports(football, wrestling).
9. i played sports that didn't involve balls(cheerleading, track).
10. we are both handy, but without fail he will always give me a hard time for whatever i build.
11. he claims to be a country boy.
12. i claim to be a city girl.
13. both of those statements aren't very true.
14. i'm studying to be an elementary teacher.
15. he's studying to be a diesel mechanic.
16. he lives in the most boring state ever.
17. we make a very cute baby(if i say so myself *wink*)
18. he likes to bug me.
19. i hate it, but i put up with it cause i love him.
20. he says we're gonna have 10 more boys.
21. i'm thinkin that's a no.
22. he also thinks we're going to live in a mansion in the country.
23. we both think each other are awful drivers.
24. he is going to change every diaper of carter's after he moves here(if i have my way).
25. we started dating on valentine's day 2010.
26. he asked me to be his girlfriend with sweetheart candies.
27. he has perfect skin that i'm way jealous of.
28. he has brick hands and feet that were passed down to carter.
29. he likes to play video games.
30. he is not very forgiving when he tries to teach me how to play them.
31. we are both extremely ticklish.
32. he likes to give me hickeys(see #18).
33. i currently have two hickeys on my right shoulder from when he was in town.
34. carter likes to play with jack's nipples.
35. i think it's hilarious.
36. he wants me to move there.
37. i want him to move here.
38. we are both being stubborn about it, so neither of us will probably end up moving(until he's done with school).
38. he says i can't cook, but he never lets me try.
39. he is, admittedly, a surprisingly good cook. although we both still have a lot to learn in the kitchen.
40. he gives me crap for not making carter sleep in his crib at night.
41. only because he wants to cuddle with me.
42. he won't admit it.
43. he wants a crotch-rocket
44. i don't think i'll ever ride on it with him if he gets one.
45. i endorse harley's.
46. we get to see each other in 6-ish weeks.
47. i could not be more excited.
48. he gave me a beautiful ring back in april.
49. i'm really excited to marry him.
50. i think he's excited to marry me too ;).