Tuesday, August 13, 2013

influenster voxbox

hi all!

so if you follow me on youtube you probably know that i recently received an influenster box in the mail. what's influenster you ask? it's an online program that sends out boxes to qualifying individuals free of charge so that those lucky people can try out the products inside. the items in question can range from household materials, beauty, or weight loss. i was lucky enough to qualify for a box and received mine a few weeks ago after i moved into my new place. again-coolest part-completely free!

if you've watched my video where i unbox my good's you know that i got a slimfast smoothie drink. in the video all i do is go over what's inside. basically i got a strawberries 'n cream smoothie along with recipe's for all of slimfast's smoothie drinks that can be made to be alcoholic or not, and a martini glass to sip it out of! i unfortunately had nothing that went into my recipe so i popped my smoothie in the fridge and just recently drank it!

my first reaction... REMEMBER TO SHAKE. oh my goodness. when i first took a sip it was like there was a layer of powder on top. not exactly the first impression i was expecting to get from my "smoothie". i did like the taste for the most part, but i'll be honest and say i wasn't a huge fan of this drink. maybe it was the strawberry flavor and the chalky taste. i do think i would like some of the other drinks better. i tried some of my mom's chocolate slimfast drinks in the past and they were always pretty good. the recipe cards showed that there was a coffee drink and a chocolate drink, so maybe i'll have to try those sometime! i'll let you know if i do!

thanks for reading, i know this is a little off from what i usually blog about, but i was excited to share my experience with influenster. if you want to know more, i connected you to some links above! feel free to check them out!


p.s. remember: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.