Saturday, August 3, 2013

changing things up!

hey all! so one of my obsessions since i moved last week (oh, i forgot to tell you about that? oops...) is going through pinterest and finding decorating ideas that would work well with my new space. i have found myself loving the look of vintage and want to start getting a little more artsy in my decorating by making my functional items a little easier on the eyes. as i get more items for this place and organize things in a new way i'm hoping that this blog will be a good place to document the evolution of my new little house! 

i'm excited to get back to blogging and documenting things on here as i get my creative juices flowing again. also, speaking if creative juices, i started a blog channel on youtube! just search for chelsea keeney and i should pop right up! 

hope you've had a good summer!

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