Saturday, April 28, 2012

big news.

I am so excited and happy to announce that...


Jack asked me Saturday while he was in town! I am so happy and so excited to be his wife and make this family complete!

So I bet you're wondering how he asked...

Before Jack even got to Des Moines we decided that we wanted to have a date night just me and him where we could go get dinner and a movie, which we haven't done in FOREVER. I thought it was supposed to be a birthday dinner for him, but obviously I was mistaken.

So we went to dinner and shared an appetizer platter, then afterwards he kept on saying that he wanted to go on a walk around the lake by the mall(I think my mom and him were in cahoots). We had plenty of time until our movie so we dropped off our leftovers at the car and then walked over to the lake. Immediately Jack spotted this little pier that juts out onto the lake(he had never been there before) and he led me there right away. So in the middle of a hug he goes, 'Soooo Chelsea... I have a question for you'. You can imagine how big my eyes got. 'What??' was my reply. Then he pulled out the ring and asked.

He was mad when the first thing out of my mouth was 'Is it real?!'
But I of course said yes. He made me feel so special and loved all day and it was perfect. I could not be any more happy.

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